Ouch… There’s one BIG acne on Zhu’s face… Looks so… eeek… Like so painful, anytime will just ‘explode’! Must be terrible to have it grow all over the face… Tuesday only. Tomorrow we decided not to go Zouk with Ken & gang. Zhu don’t feel like going. I’m alright because no cravings for clubbing also. Probably because recently I’m just too tired. Will go swimming instead. ^^

Let’s see… 3780 down. YB said nothing can be done now. So I’m going into 3818 but the support site is down. Asked HK for help already. Wondering if I got the time to do some of my things later – the.Grab. Yesterday I looked through the website. Its rather amazing that I came up with that last time. Oh, Teresa asked me for lunch already.

WZ just called and said he went to the Kelly Services just now during lunch and there’s this contract job, $12/hr, for 3 months in a MNC. =.=”’ This is like taking such a BIG risk…

Trained till Level 155!

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