Talk On Phone @ Work

Hmm… I just called WZ and then well… He couldn’t answer the phone because he’s working. There’s nothing important. Just want to tell him that I reached office because somehow, the SMS probably isn’t working THAT well today. Was waiting for HY just now till 8.35am before I gave him a call and he said he’s waiting for me downstairs for quite a while already. And he mentioned that he already sent the SMS a long time ago at around 8.15am. Yes, I just received it, at 9.35am. Bravo! Thats why I called WZ… Tomorrow is National Day. Tonight not going to Zouk. Think will stay home and rest. WZ is tired.

Lunch time soon. Oh yes, WZ called just now. He only received the SMS at 11pm+. Woke up this morning and trained the DW. Level up by one, got 2 chaos and 2 guardian angels. Just managed to update the.Grab and launch it first. Will need to update and add more things to both the.Grab and Petite PeP. Nice work! WT isn’t here yet. Would like to talk to him since he had wanted to chat for the past 2 days.

Company confirmed will be moving to 112 Robinson Road, HB Robinson. Oh… We are moving!!! So excited! Hmm… Let’s see… Should I continue to take HY’s car? There will be traffic jams… Oh! The fares will be $1.53! Thats like… $1.50 lesser per day… multiply by 20, thats like $30 saved! *Pondering…*

Oh… I’d just been bombarded by my CTO… For the new structure, I’m under him… And… Gosh… He is… strict, and good, and really knowledgeable… And now I’ve got so many ??? in my head because I don’t really understand what he’s saying. Basically… I just need to digest all the things that he said, and I have to do it fast. Real fast…

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