Happy National Day!!

Today is a public holiday! Yeah! And I’m back in office to standby for deployment! Yeah! @)%&!^(Y(*@$(&% Sigh… I woke up early as usual and started training the DW. No, not that I don’t want to sleep but I just couldn’t sleep. Played till 10am before we left for the OG Warehouse sale. Bought 3 tops, 1 skirt and 1 dress. Then went for dim sum at Double Happiness Restaurant. The service was really slow, probably they never expected to have any crowd. Then went home and… rest for a short while and now I’m here. I wore a red top and a white bottom. Hmm… its supposed to be a public holiday… *CRY*

Just had my dinner – McDonalds. The time is 9.51pm on my computer. Apparently something cock up at the production site and now YF they all are trying to solve. Weirdly, don’t know where he heard from, he asked me if I ever quit before… An email was sent just now, by WT, saying that the whole thing will end only at 11pm. Hmm… I only have $10 with me. Should I get my dad to come and fetch me? Or I take a cab back on my own? Hmm… Now I’m still doing researching on the DockingPane and NetAdvantage. Well, there’s more progress already, luckily, else I’ll start making noises.

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