Rush Hour 3

Woke up and went to WZ’s house early in the morning. Very funny, I was at Chinatown and it suddenly rained, so WZ called me and asked me to stay at the bus stop while he comes and fetch me (previously I was complaining to him, saying that he never come and pick me up when raining). Anyway, when I reached his bus stop, the rain stopped and I saw no sign of him. So I called him and you know what? He’s still brushing his teeth… =.=”’ We rotted for a while before going to BM’s library. I found quite a lot of books there! Think will go again next time. Went home and had a short nap before going out to Kovan’s to eat Yu Tou Lu with his mum. Then we went to watch our Rush Hour 3 at TB. Ya… Right… TB always no people… Thats why we never booked any tickets… But ended up… We took the 4th row from the front. *faintz*

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