Retro – My Mum’s Clothes

Woke up and saw Darling sleeping soundly beside me. It felt nice… Gave him a squeeze before I went to the toilet. I slept at his house last night. Didn’t really want to but he kept bugging at me. Then we finally went for a late breakfast at TB market. Took quite a while to get him to wash up. He sent me home after that and on the way, it started to rain… Wished we had a car… But… I spent too much… Went out with my mum shortly after and then… realized that WZ’s wallet and hp are with me. Walked around for a while with that small little niece of mine with us. She’s so funny, eat and eat and eat non-stop! Then because my sister going to watch soccer at her friend’s place, so we left early and I asked my dad to stop by WZ’s place while I passed him his things. Went home and then we went to dig some buttons under my parent’s bed and we found my mum’s clothes! Those that she wore when she’s young and it fits perfectly on me! Heehee… Yes… I wore them and I will wear them again!

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