Hula Hoop = Small Waist?

I woke up and did the hula hoop for half an hour while training the DW! It was really tiring… Now I’m back in office. Felt sleepy already though its only 10.38am. NN asked me to go search for something for UNeed but honestly, I already don’t have the mood to do that already. Cooled off for too long… Way TOO long… Well… See how later. Its Monday, I usually don’t have the mood to do anything. And I hasn’t got much money with me… Later going to PSA to withdraw…

I don’t feel happy… because I always have this money-problem… Its me… I spent way too much… How am I to stop this?

No mood to work today… Why? Probably… 3 person leaving… Wrong, 1 left, 2 more going – WY and RT. Yes… RT… Just now then I heard from EZ. Sad… But what to do… She’s going to become a financial advisor. Well, good for her. My cousin is one now, heard she’s doing not too bad, but she spent too much on the cab fare etc. Life… simple or comfortably? I WANT MONEY!

Back home!! Had dinner!! Listening to mp3 now, no, more correctly, I’m testing the mp3 now. Let’s see… Left how many… About 1790 more songs… *faintz* Well, it came a long way… I still have quite a few at some other place but now, its already not so bad. Hmm… My room is so messy again after I took those things that I want to sell, down from the cupboard above. Should I put back first? Actually mainly, I need to clear the postcards. Its heavy and its occupying a lot of space… I’m waiting for WZ to buy the wings, then I’ll take over the game.

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