The BAD Girl

Was listening to Class 95 on the radio just now in HY’s car, on the way to work. FD and Glenn were trying to get bad girls to call in and talk about the things they did. Hmm… bad girl… I don’t think I am, right? Naive? Nah… naive is just a better way of saying stupid. Back in office… Meeting at 10.30am. Yesterday did a bracelet using buttons. Nice? I will only say its something different. ^^ What should I do today? Need to solve those things that WT mentioned yesterday. Terrible… Zhu said got something grew in his eyes. Must be too busy. Didn’t manage to level up this morning because HY came too early. Lindi yesterday said that we might be moving in September. I really hope its in September. Have a change of environment. Its should be good.

I don’t feel good… After the meeting… I felt so… lousy… I think I really suck. I never read news, never read about new technologies and stuff, what am I really good at? I have no idea. For everything, I know a little bit. I’m 27 and I’m still a software engineer. I look at what I had achieved. Its really terrible. Is it because I’m lazy? I’m living in my own dream world…

“Reality doesn’t accommodate Dreamers… To fulfill my dreams, I can’t continue to dream… But if I don’t dream… then do I still have dreams that need to be fulfilled? *DILEMMA* Should I continue to stay in my own Dream World… or should I step out? *PONDER*”

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