I REFUSE To Be Defeated!

I hate it. I really hate it. But its just me, being stupid, not seeing the trend. Thats what he meant, isn’t it? You are in the reality. You fight for your job. How can you afford to be slow? I’m in an industry whereby the pace will be fast, very fast. I need to keep up with all the latest technology. But do I really want that? Whats the point of clearing all the problems for them? Do they appreciate it? No, they will only take you as a good software engineer. Sad to say.

Ho ho ho ho ho… I managed to finish the things that WT asked me to! And in a much more simpler way! YES! I REFUSE TO BE DEFEATED!!!! YOU CANNOT FIGHT ME!!!!

Have you ever wished that you can burn the books, then throw the ashes into a glass of water, and drink it. After that… you will know everything inside the book. *LOL* Its 6.23pm! Time check proudly brought to you by Stella’s office PC! Oh… I missed my Zhu Zhu so much… Where is he now?… … … I KNOW! IN MY HEART! *LOL* ^^

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