Take Over The World!

Hmm… Must remember to shut down my office pc today. My pc ought to take a break. Oh yes, I think I should be getting one notebook soon! Yes! Sigh… Today stomach don’t feel really too good. Kept going to the toilet. Just had my lunch, had malay veg rice. WZ decided to go Genting with us. Why? Because my mum asked him again. Yes, previously he rejected but yesterday when I told my mum, she actually asked me “How come?”. Weird huh? Is my mum afraid that I won’t get married? Nah… That can’t be true. Think she just want to get to know him more. Possible? Just now was talking to SK about HDB flats… Damn… Its getting more and more expensive. How? How to buy a flat? But anyway… Back to the same topic. I don’t think I’ll consider buying it now. Still haven’t sort out who stays where with him yet… So… *Shake the thought out of the head*

Every now and then, I need to re-list the things that I need to do, to keep myself organized. Now… I think I need to again. Its 2.34pm. Today I never hear anything from NN yet. And tonight, I’m going to Zhu Zhu’s house!! Hee hee… Too long never see each other, both of us find it weird, so decided to meet for a short while tonight! *wink*

Back home, already 11pm+… Just now went to Zhu’s house and hug him!!! But now missed him already… Stomach don’t feel too well. Probably will take MC tomorrow…

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