Uncomfortable Stomach

I woke up in the morning and pondered… “Do I feel like working?”… NO!!! And yes, I got an MC!! I’m really packed with work, with things that I want to do but haven’t got the time. And for the whole of yesterday, my stomach doesn’t feel comfortable. And today, I don’t feel exactly so well either. So I decided to take an MC. It was really very heavily in the morning but I still go ahead to see the doctor. I managed to finish reading the news and sent the status of the list of problems I had to do. Managed to get Rian to help me check things out yesterday. *Phew* Today is the last day of MU, now its back to the “free to play” server. Its really slow… I didn’t expect it to. But slowly play… Its only a game. Went out with my mum they all in the afternoon. Didn’t spend much… But I saw a few things which I really like!! But I can’t anyhow spend this month… Oh yes! Seems like mum want to ask WZ out the next time we go for buffet lunch! Today she was asking me if I want to get marry… Else get a new flat under my name… Hmm… Am I going to get married?

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