Bourne Ultimatum vs 881

Busy day! I created an elf and started training her! Hardly slept… But its so slow because I never create a new account. And WZ’s one cannot go to server 10. But in the end, at night, we decided to create a new account because it will be so much faster. And then I named her “Elanoia”. DON’T ask me why… I just randomly spelled it out. Hee hee… He came to pick me up after his work and he bought half a chicken at the coffeeshop underneath his flat. I wore a very sexy black lacy bra and panties today! ^^ We went to Great World City on our own because WZ feared that later Leon PMS again. We went to watch Bourne Ultimatum, but only the two of us, Leon, Remy and Jeff watching that. The rest, Flora, Celest, Ken and CZ watching 881. Yes, we divide into two groups and watch separately. We went home really early today. Reached home by 12 midnight. Why? Because tomorrow we are going to Pulau Ubin!

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