Dripping Wet On Pulau Ubin

It started on a hot day… WZ came to Hougang and we both took Ken’s car, with Jeff and Celest, to Changi Village. Ben brought a friend of his, Su San. We had breakfast at the market over there before we headed for Pulau Ubin. But then… it started to rain… Just on the Changi side. When we reached Pulau Ubin, it was really hot. In the end, we decided to cycle around because it was a rather long road, and it will be tiring to walk. We went to see the Goddess of Mercy’s statue. It was just outside the Coconut Place. But it was rather empty. Anyway… we went there, rest for a while and left for Chek Jawa. It was a really muddy ride into that place and by the time we reached there, my back was covered with a bit of mud… We saw this guy from National Park and chatted with him for a while. But as we were going off, it started to rain… We managed to reach a hut to hide from the rain but we were already dripping wet from head to toe. In the end, Ken started playing and taking photos in the rain. It was so funny… We went off while its drizzling still. It was a rather long way back. Wet and muddy and cold. But yes, it was really fun… An excursion.

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