Finance Going ALL-TIME Low

Hmm… I paid my bills just now… And I think I’ve only got $50 for the rest of the month…=.=”’ Heard we’ll be having a company retreat in September, in Jakarta… River rafting… WHO WANTS TO GO RIVER RAFTING! Bloody hell… 12-14 September… Good thing? No need to work. Bad thing? I won’t be seeing my family and Zhu Zhu… *Sob* Miss my darling…

Busy for the whole day! First is the meeting, then after that discuss the Christmas D&D with EY, after that with SK and WT about the Window Shell, then I sort out my personal things. After lunch got the UML training. Now already 4.05pm and I haven’t done much things yet!!!! Suddenly felt like painting Zhu’s room… White or pink? Felt like changing his furniture too! ^^ OH! I want so much to stay with him! But I want to be with my family too! I’m SO GREEDY! ^^

No time! Busy for the whole day. Japanese language hardly understand much things. Was waiting to buy the application form for JLPT, and there was this lady, begging and begging for the counter lady to call one of the sensei regarding the class schedule… Hmm… Very dramatic… AFK-ing tonight, will see how things goes!

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