Faulty Train @ Clarke Quay

Reached office slightly later today. Stomachache in the morning, so went to clear it. Then when I’m at Boon Keng MRT, there’s a faulty train stuck at Clarke Quay, so the train stopped… at every stop =.=”’ Managed to reach office just on time. Today is Simon’s birthday! Later will be meeting him for lunch at Harbourfront. Talking about him, I really hope ES never contact him… No… They are not suitable for each other. Oh yes, think my Elanoia and Vodkablack got PK last night. Because in the morning when I switched the monitor on, I’m at the starting point of Atlans. Well, will try again tonight! Back to work already!

Oh… its already 6.10pm! I’m still in the office. Of course I am! Its not off work yet! But really am so busy today. Got training, got deployment, met Simon for lunch (he’s still the same), helped my parents send the application for passport, helped WZ ask CT on the insurance, and many many things here and there. Now awaiting for my dinner to come. Will be eating KFC – Surf ‘n’ Turf. Oh… I’m so tired… Wished I can go home and play MU Online now. But you know what? I’ve got 2 things that I need to install. My PC is getting slower. I still got 56 pages to read which I haven’t read yet. And I need to try out the software, by right, by today – Smart Client. Then I need to try out another software – SharpDevelop. Hmm… Think I really have to work fast. Else… There won’t be anymore space for me… already…

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