What To Do?

YT never reply me… How? What should I do with that sum of money? Now its already 2.37pm. I finally managed to finish all the items and going onto Shell. Wonder if I have the time… WZ very cute just now. I called him just now and asked him to kiss me but he can’t. So just now, when he got the chance, then he called and gave me lots of kisses!!! He very cute one… Hmm… So many things to do… I’ve got 9.5 days of annual leave. What should I do with the annual leaves? Tonight got deployment, so I’ll need to OT again

YT finally replied. Think he’s really busy nowadays. Oh well… All is well. ^^ I think I need a short break. I kept making small mistakes. One little problem and I updated it like 4 times. I’m not testing it well enough. Its time… What should I do? Go holiday? When was the last time… July? Hmm… Seems not long ago… *LOL*

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