Primary School Gathering

Was so busy until I don’t know how to describe… Shell… Yes, its still the shell. And I’m so tired from yesterday’s drinking session with my colleagues. Had planned to do OT in the office but SK caught me and asked me if I want to go eat chicken wings with them, to socialize a bit. Of course I’m fine with that, and she said that we’ll be coming back to continue with the Shell thing after that. So I went and I realized we were going to a pub – Ice Cold Beer, near the Peranakan’s Place. It was nice, the chicken wings were nice. I had 4 bottles of beer. Was going to take the car and then they said they want to go eat some ice-cream. Terrible… I reached home at around 12am. Zhu was sleeping already. I dozed off right after I finished bathing. But today… I was really really very tired. Went to meet my primary school friends after work. Only SC, SL, JJ, DL and YJ went. Chatted till 11pm and we went home. Nice short gathering.

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