OOP Workshop

Oh no… I’m supposed to do one OOP workshop, but now when I look at it, I’ve got no idea how to start at all. Its been so long since I last touched on OOP CODING! *Pulls hair* Monday again… *Pout*

I’ve lost track of the things that I need to do. Brain dead… I really had no idea how to do the OOP workshop…

I’m so tired… I need a bed where I can sleep… *sob* I wish I can get some rest… Weekday busy with work. Weekend busy with personal things… *yawn*… How?? Am I really bad in planning?

In the end… I never went for my Japanese Language course again. Why? WZ was feeling rather moody because his face got a few more scars due to the big acne. So, with him feeling like that, plus the fact that I’m feeling really tired. I decided not to go and went with him to play tennis. Went home after that. Almost K.O. in front of the computer while waiting for him to come back from CC.

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