A Successful Blood Donation

Yes! My Zhu Zhu is so brave!! He actually, finally, went for blood donation. The process wasn’t very long. About an hour long. And he had that pink colour bandage around him. He seems happy though… But good, I’ve got one squeezable blood donation stress reliever! We went to meet CT after that at AMK. Saw WH at the S-11. That was like 2pm. And you know how long we talked about insurance until? 7pm! I was so hungry by then… We skipped the Hairspray and ended up eating at Sakae Sushi at Compass Point and WZ playing MJ at Chris’s house. I dozed off… And finally when we were about to go home, either I’m blur or WZ is blur… Somehow… I didn’t know he didn’t know about TPE – CTE… He ended up at Punggol, mad.

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