First Day Of Torturing

Didn’t manage to sleep well because of the bed. Woke up as usual at around 7am and went to wash up. Some had already woken up. Interesting things? EZ woke up and realized that YF and another unknown guy were in their room sleeping. Why? Because LL snores when she slept, and K and L couldn’t sleep with the noise, so they went to the guy’s room to sleep. =.=”’ It was a routine, morning wake up for breakfast, then we’ll have brunch, lunch, tea break, dinner and supper. We had some ice-breaker before setting off for river rafting and paint ball. It was a one hour rocky journey on the bus before we reached the river. River rafting? Its not too bad other than getting all wet. I never joined the paint ball because I found it too violent. End of the day… I got a big shock after walking across the hanging bridge (Supposedly we will go back first but in the end, those who never crossed, reaches first). Scares the hell out of me till I broke down and cry after I crossed it. Damn it!

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