End Of Torture

I’m going back home! Woke up feeling really happy. Played 2 games in the morning. Wasn’t too bad because I’m in a good mood. Happily packed my things and boarded the bus. The flights will be separated into 2 groups also. A few of them alighted at a shopping centre while the rest proceeded to the airport. Walked around for a while before boarding the plane at around 6.30pm. I was sitting in the middle section with T, J and K beside me. YF and CN were somewhere near… They were so noisy… When we finally reached SG. I was SO happy! Messaged my sister and Darling immediately! My sister eventually came to pick me up. But found out from her, that somewhere near my house, there’s a fire breakout and 2 siblings were killed… Other than that, I’m really very glad to be back home! Home sweet home… My nice cozy bed and all my bear bear (including my Darling ^^)!!

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