Remy’s Birthday

*Stretch* I woke up at around 10am. I guess Darling must be really tired. He needs to work in the morning, after that go for his tutorial. So we ended up meeting only in the evening. I spent the morning and afternoon rotting at home, walking around and chatting with my mum. Wasn’t intending to go out early till WZ called me and said he couldn’t find the tutorial… Apparently… The tutorial class wasn’t at Dhoby Ghaut, but at Queenstown. In the end, he hung around the arcade at PS and I went to meet him at around 5.45pm (thats the earliest I can make it). Leon came to pick us up and Remy too. We went to a restaurant – Honjin, at Robinson Rd. The food wasn’t too bad but its slightly expensive. We went for KTV after that at Chinatown. WZ bought mooncakes for my mum and Godmum… Hmm… Bribery… *LOL* Went and dawn at his house after that. K.O.

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