Planned Overnight Stay

Met CT for lunch at Mos Burger at AMK. Before that we went to AMK Hub but it was so crowded and there isn’t a lot of outlets for lunch. Anyway, WZ joined us later and he FINALLY decided what he want to do with his insurance. No, I didn’t want him to only buy from CT, he don’t have to. I’m just telling him what I think is good. Anyway, we went to return the library books, and went home straight after that. Didn’t do much in the afternoon, rest for a while and went for dinner with his mum at the market near his old place. Saw his uncle’s wife, the one that he mentioned to me last time, the one that his dad gave all his money to when he passed away, and nothing much for them. She looks old. The uncle passed away due to cancer… Life… Can feel both of them were very awkward and didn’t want to talk to the auntie. The food… I still prefer the Kovan one. Anyway, his mum treated us because she stroked 4D buying the number – 8082. We went home after that… and… terrible… its so difficult to tell my mum that I’m staying overnight. And some more… its PLANNED.

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