Clearing JIRA Items

Its been a long time since I touched on my Jira items, and now its increasing… Well, I just spent the whole morning fixing some things, and cleared those items with Irawan. Stomachache now… Think I’ll go and shit soon. WZ’s supposed to go for reservist. But because this morning was raining quite heavily and his bike’s box wasn’t enough for his helmet, so he never bring it with him. In the end, they sent him back home. And now… he’s at home… =.=”’

Just finished my lunch… Going to laze a bit before starting work. ^^

Oh! I never went for my Japanese Language classes again! Went dinner with his mum under their flat. Then went to his house and rot. He tried to teach me Accounting but terrible… it was SO BORING! Credit and debit. Assets and expenses are debit nature. Liabilities, revenue and capital are credit nature. Terrible… simply terrible…

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