Mooncake Day!

I’m going home for dinner today! Today is mooncake festival! I came out a bit late because having diarrhoea. Went toilet twice at home. There’s a lot of things today. I really mean a lot… And I don’t wish to do OT… So… I NEED TO START WORK NOW! Ganbatte! Ganbatte!

I was walking towards the bus stop from Harbourfront MRT this morning. And as I walked, I saw a patch of brown stains on the pavement and I thought, “Which idiot accidentally dropped some food and dirtied the floor again…” But as I walked over the patch and turned to the other corner, somehow… something caught my attention and I briefly looked down, and then I thought I saw a part of a bird – one leg and its attached thigh… O.O”’

Expert is really expert! EY is awesome! He can actually do so many things. Hmm… Experience really counts huh? I really feel like taking up C# .Net but I don’t think I’ve got the time now.

Finally home… Must train my Elanoia! Vodkablack already at level 269! Elanoia is still only level 163! Falling behind more and more… %)!&%#^&

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