Marriage… At Stake?

Early in the morning, I heard the news, yes, they are quarreling again. And apparently, this time round, the father-in-law hit the daughter-in-law. Then the DIL’s auntie came and brought her home. What did I learn from here? (1) Must work and keep yourself occupied so you won’t get too paranoid from the too much extra time. (2) Must be able to depend on yourself at least if anything goes wrong, you can fall back on your own. (3) Try not to stay with the in-laws. You never know if you can live with them in harmony. (4) Get to know each other better first before getting married. DON’T ever rush into marriage. (5) Must always have back up, i.e. stay close with your own family, if something goes wrong, there’s people who you can fall back on.

Alright, talk about something happier. My Elanoia’s level 165!! And I get to wear a new helm and pants!! Shiny shiny!! But I want to wear the wing now… Still got 15 more levels to go… Wanted to get a notebook but its so freaking expensive. Asked me to fork out $1.5k out now, no, its totally not possible. I don’t wish to further burden myself. Well, see how things goes… Today going to swim with my Darling, then dinner with Leon also at Commonwealth. It will be a GOOD Day!

I FINALLY FINISHED ALL THE THINGS I NEED TO DO FOR THE SHELL!!! *Dance around* ^^ Oh yeah… Its terrible but it does felt good when I finished it. A sense of SATISFACTION. Not so great, but it ain’t THAT bad. Its been quite a while since I’ve got that kind of satisfaction. Now? I’m eating my milo + cereal. Else later I’ll faint. Leon won’t be joining us, he said he got something on. I bet he’s going out with that little snow of his. Sigh… She’s attached by the way. Don’t ask me why… *shrug* NOMB.

Yesterday then I got a news… Dad said the police came because the FIL used the broom to chase her out and hit her, so the DIL called the police… … … Why had it become like that? I went swimming with WZ, in the end we went to his old place to eat, had western food which tasted not too bad. Dad came to pick me up after his massage. WZ was too tired. ^^

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