My JC Friends

Damn… I woke up at 7am because Zelphx DC… =.=”’ Anyway, I never managed to sleep after that… Sigh… Yesterday was Ah Xin’s birthday. Really don’t understand the mum… Only the older generation will celebrate the Chinese birthday! Why does she have to make him become so China! And she’s so naggy! Terrible… Luckily my […]

Gastric Problem

I went toilet twice in the morning and my stomach feels really uncomfortable. Not sure if its menses cramps or gastric problem but its painful. Really painful. So I took MC and stayed at home. I spent the whole day training Zelphx and Gerioth. Luckily, the time wasn’t wasted. Zelphx went from level 189 to […]

Bike… Car…

Alright, time to stop WZ from playing too much game already. I also need to try and study my JL and finished all my work. I don’t think I performed that well recently. TM!!! Wake up! Suddenly I really felt like getting a car… My dad saw an accident that day. A bike accident… And […]