I was woken up by my Dad early in the morning. Found out that… WZ disconnected again. Elanoia died. So we decided to switch off our computer instead. But well, Elanoia’s now level 197 bar 0 and Vodkablack’s now level 282 bar 9. Not too bad… But I’m deciding if I should go and hug Zhu Zhu tonight or go back and train Elanoia… Oh… This is such a tough decision… The office seems so quiet today. The SD team are gone… to Philippines. SK and YF are gone… to Taiwan. Quiet… *Wished WT is gone too* ^^

Oh! WT went to Taiwan also! *LOL* But I’m not sure for how long… Anyway, its a good break! ^^ Today don’t have the mood to work. Spent almost the whole day doing some useless thing. But I found a site! The iGoogle! Its very cute but then again… Hmm… Don’t know… In the end I went to hug my Zhu Zhu. Missed him too much already… But its worth it. He sent me home earlier and then I managed to get the hotspot! But idiotically, when we were about to sleep, Vodkablack went to repot and there’s this stupid MG came to KS me!! So, people came to help us, from our own guild and the alliance guild. Oh course the MG left! Shadilmgl from Heroz… TMD… Caused me to sleep at 2am! F***!

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