Experience Boost Ends

Back in the office. Today have to finish up my things… If not I think my KPI will really suck big time! Alright, target today, finished the 2 Jira items! What else… Oh yes! The experience boost ended just now in the morning. Had actually wanted to leave the computer for the whole day. But when I was about to go out, WZ called me and said the experience boost ended. So we decided to switch the computer off since its not really worth it. Alright, time to GANBATTE!

Trained WZ’s DL till level 31! Next time I’ll train one command DL. Then whenever I see the stupid MG – Shadilmgl, I’ll KS him! I will not join any guild, don’t wished to spoil my guild’s name. ^^ Was so pissed at night. Leon said want to go Icarus to hunt. So well, I went with them. Of course, use pea brain also know that my computer is so lag… In the end, I couldn’t really buff them, and my defence wasn’t that good yet. So I died. Then WZ changed with me and that idiot! Kept saying my computer slow… zzz… Next time don’t want to go hunting with them already! Some more its at 1.30am! I totally have no idea what am I doing, playing game with them at such a late hour and got reprimanded. *KNS*

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