I’m really very sleepy… Consecutive lack of sleep. Today is Wednesday, will be going for a swim with WZ. The time is about 3.30pm now. I’m doing the problem on MEGA and MENA… Terrible… Link and link and became a lot of things. I still got 2 more other things to do. How? The shell is one of them… Terrible. Just now one of the new colleague, his name… Pushpendra… If I’m not wrong. He explained a lot of things to me which gave me a lot of question marks. And I haven’t study my Japanese Language yet! I wished I can go home and sleep now. Ever since Monday when WZ went back to HQ, he became very busy already. Nobody to chat with me… … And NN also very busy. Sigh…

Towards the end of the day, its 6.38pm on my computer. I managed to finish part of the things that I’m supposed to. But will have to confirm a lot of things with other people. Waiting… Oh yes, saw ES’s blog on friendster that day… I really have no idea how to help her. Life… What is life? Become extremely shag everyday?

Went for a swim with WZ but actually, we only swam for 20 minutes! Why? Because I went to shit and ended up going into the pool at slightly before 8pm. Terrible. I’m full of shit! After that we went to the hawker opposite Harbourfront for dinner. Ate fried kway teow, carrot cake and ban mian. Nice nice! I collected my Esprit Club card. Saw this belt for darling, not too bad. See when got the time then go down and ask him to try out on the clothes too. MU Online down yesterday. So… no AFK.

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