Notebook Searching!

I’m so excited today! We are going to buy a notebook! For? To play games! *LOL* Early morning, I went for my dental appointment and had the bracket glued back. Then I met CT for lunch and had a long chat with her. WZ rushed down and joined us and went for his school after that. Poor CT… I wonder how things will go after she got married. Her MIL is so terrible… Dote on the son and not her… Terrible… I kept biting on my ulcer today. Pain like hell… Sigh… After WZ’s class, I went to meet up with him and went to search for our notebook! In the end, we went from SLS to Funan and got ourselves one ASUS notebook – A8Jr (recommended by Brong), that cost $1.800. Well, I don’t think its really that expensive as long as its worth it. We went to meet the gang for dinner at Marina Square. FK cried… over J… Hmm… Can understand why she cried but sometimes… Just got to sort out the thoughts and try to be strong. Takes time… We went to watch the movie “Daywatch” after that. Its all in russian =.=”’ Erm… Alright only… Went JK’s place to play game because KC’s place occupied by his brother. But I think I dozed off soon after I reached JK’s place. ^^

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