Moment Of Truth.

I woke up… Damn! I missed my big breakfast by 10 minutes! Zhu zhu was still sleeping too… Excited. Very excited today! Because today is the day where we are going to try to use the bot on Vista! Leon tried that time and failed. Couldn’t make the bot to work. I didn’t really want to change it to Windows XP also because its such a hassle. So I must try. First, its the game. I installed it but the graphics was so terrible! It was SO SLOW! So much worse than my home PC. WZ said must be due to the graphic card drivers, so I went to search, Brong helped me searched for all the drivers too. After installing, *phew* luckily everything works perfectly! Then its the bot… *LOL* IT WORKS!!! Just that I need to tick a few things but its alright. And then its AFK-ing using the notebook! Steady!

Went to meet my parents for dinner at TPY. Ah xin was there too. Talk and talk non-stop. Even to WZ. =.=”’ Sent him home after that but when I reached home and called him, nobody picked up the phone. After ten minutes, when he never replied, I called again, his hp and his house phone. Nobody picked up… Worrying, do you know that? He meant so much to me. As much as possible, I hope nothing will happen but within half an hour of calling and nobody picked up neither phone, its scary! When he eventually called, I was so happy and angry that I almost cried out. Bloody idiot switched hp to silent! And then his mum accidentally pulled out the phone plug when cleaning up… … We in Gold class already. Server 7. Waiting for the experience boost…

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