Going Crazy Over Gaming

Oh… I think I’m going crazy… Kept dreaming of jewels!! *faintz* Just reached office not long ago. Today must try and finish up the things as much as possible. Then send the leave application out for Irawan. ^^ Most probably will be taking chalet around end of the month. Must let Zhu Zhu know.

I’m so sleepy today… Kept dozing off in front of the computer. Had a long chat with NN on the phone. *Yawn* Oh yes! Did I say, Leon and NN passed their driving tests already! Finally! Good for them! NN’s parent got almost $5k from her… Sigh… Sometimes… I really feel so fortunate that I don’t have such problems. But I think I myself spent too much. Think WZ very busy… Never reply to me at all… *pout* Later meeting Shan for dinner.

Bought one lipstick! “Sweet Cherry” and it really looks so sweet! A little bit of pinkish and a tint of orange! Nice ^^… Maybe… its Maybelline!

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