~ Selamat Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya! Suddenly, there were crowds everywhere and weirdly… a lot are from Bangladesh. Scary… We went behind the Theme Park Hotel to take some photos and it was packed with workers from there… Maybe, its because there’s a holiday and they all came up but still scary… The casino were packed. Shops were packed too. We could hardly enjoy the walking. Luckily we bought most of the things. I bought another 2 tops by the way. Me and DW went to the bus terminal to check something out and over there was messy too! Later on, sis messaged me and said that someone was kidnapped and raped for 3 months… I told them about it and then, I’m being dragged to the casino with them and almost got choked by the smoke. Just before that, we went to look at the fireworks. SCARY… It looks like there will be a riot anytime! And my dad scares the hell out of us. We were about to go but when we turn around, my dad was missing! In the end, we found him trying to squeeze out to look at the fireworks… =.=”’ What a day…

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