Genting Trip Over

Its Sunday! And I’m going home! ^^ It was so funny… I asked WZ to message me when he reached home, so he did, at 3am, he messaged me. And my godma woke up and said, its 6am already! *LOL* Well, we woke up early and went for the breakfast. The breakfast wasn’t too bad. We left Genting at around 12.30pm. It was a single deck coach but we were at the front seat still. The drivers? 3 Indians… Talk and talk and talk non-stop, all the way from Genting, till the point we alighted! Terrible! I couldn’t sleep because of the noise! Oh yes! Almost forgotten, when we were at Yong Peng resting point. I was in the toilet waiting for DW. Then suddenly, from the mirror, I saw this Indian guy walking out from a cubicle, and out of the toilet!! Shocking? YES, OF COURSE!!! After some deductions, we believe that he’s a driver and… he can’t possibly went to the wrong toilet! WT*!

Reached Singapore at around 7.30pm. Sis came to pick us up. Darling!!! I can talk to him without using long distance call!! So happy!! Can’t wait to see him! And you know what? Elanoia is at level 273!!! But then… WZ will have to abandon Vodkablack… who is at level 309. And so… Zelphx was created…

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