Sally Is BACK!

I’m so shock when I saw Sally in the office! I never wore my glasses so I was wondering who is sitting on that seat and it was Sally! They came back because over there, there’s renovation. But just now when she was talking to IR, I sensed something happening again. But whatever it is… its not going to affect me. Its always like that…

I just came back from the toilet and I thought I saw LA’s eyes filled with tears… Hmm… Zelphx now at level 120. I tried doing the quest this morning and mati… =.=”’ Wasn’t concentrating and forgotten to buff myself. Thursday on leave!

My darling is so nice! He took leave to accompany me on Thursday!!

I’ve been reading and trying on the NHibernate for so long… And I’m still stuck… I NEED HELP!! HELP! HELP!

Met NN for dinner at AMK Hub… and we AGAIN decided to do the tuition coordination… Hopefully this time, everything goes well…

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