HELP! I Need NHibernate Expert!

Oh gosh… NHibernate again… I can’t take it, must find expert already…

Yes! I found an expert! NYB! *Giggles* He taught me the concept then going to guide me along. Luckily… see this is how things will work. This is how everybody can learn and grow!

Finally succeeded the first part of the NHibernate… Now almost time to go off from work. Tomorrow I’m on leave! ^^ So good… ^^ Yesterday I created another character for MU Online. So now, I’ve got Elanoia the Elf, Mapidan the Dark Wizard and the new member, Gerioth the Magic Gladiator!

Went home so late again… because trying to do my quest and finally… I SUCCEEDED!! No… actually its more of Zhu Zhu succeeded… He got the “Ring of Honor” for me after I killed for 1.5 hours and he took over. But weirdly… the quest wanted “Ring of Glory”! I wonder if there’s anyone who didn’t know its supposed to be the same thing… Well, never mind, its done!

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