“The Brave One”

I’m on leave today! Shiok! Woke up and switched on my computer but couldn’t find Zelphx anywhere, but while I’m searching around, suddenly this SM asked me to party with them. The experience wasn’t that good but its enough at the moment. Went to meet WZ for K Lunch after that. He’s late for half an hour! Goodness… I meeting him at 11am and he left home at 11am! =.=”’ K Lunch was cheap… but I wished I can sing longer. We finally went to collect his mp3 player… which somehow… I felt its a new one instead. Oh well, as long as its working! We went home and started playing game again. I realized after getting the notebook, seems like it isn’t that boring to go his house. At least I’ve got something to do. But sigh… I’m really broke!!

We went Bishan to watch movie – “The Brave One” at night. Scary… It seems so not safe anywhere!

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