Attempted Study Plan

Early in the morning, I argued with Zhu Zhu about the meeting time. He’s tired, I’m tired too but I need to try and get him out ASAP. I want my McDonald’s Big Breakfast! ^^ I win, of course! But I did give in too… And eventually, I reached later than him! *LOL* After breakfast, we had actually decided to stay in the McDonald to study but then… he needed to shit… And he can only shit at his house. So in the end, we went back home and… thats it… We started to play game, attempted to study in the living room but failed so badly because he’s got his chaos castle! =.=”’ Well… we gave up around evening time… And after a very difficult time of planning, we finally decided to meet KC and gang for dinner at Marina South for steamboat. KC came to fetch us because FK and JK couldn’t make it and CL was somewhere at Clementi, and KC don’t know how to go there. Luckily he made it to fetch us. The steamboat… doesn’t taste nice. Too salty for a lot of things. Never mind about that… the prawns were alive! They cooked them ALIVE!!! *faintz* My hair? JK called me “小可爱”. LC was trying not to laugh. And the rest said I look like 16 years old. =.=”’

After dinner, they went arcade for a short while before we go our separate ways. But in fact, only LC went home. KC didn’t really want to go home so in the end, we went to the HK cafe for a drink. They ordered a very big ice kachang… I didn’t eat. I need to go on diet! KC took a picture of me that made me looked like i’m pregnant!! After around 1am+, we finally went home. Zhu zhu came to my house to overnight!! ^^

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