Bike… Car…

Alright, time to stop WZ from playing too much game already. I also need to try and study my JL and finished all my work. I don’t think I performed that well recently. TM!!! Wake up! Suddenly I really felt like getting a car… My dad saw an accident that day. A bike accident… And from then on, he kept telling me not to take a bike. Actually, sometimes I’m worried about WZ also… How?

Just had my lunch. Ate fish soup… Just now, when the auntie was about to put the soup on my tray, the bowl slipped from her hand and some of the soup fell only my feet. Luckily, it wasn’t that hot and I managed to escaped a big part of it. But… my feet felt so sticky so I went to wash… Now… its wet. Saw this bag, weaving ones, quite nice. Rainbow colours. But too expensive already! I think I can make one on my own!

Finished the soccer part, still got the basketball one. Today WZ very busy. Me too…Taking a short short break now…

Yes! Finished 887 and 896, chatting with QQ now. He skiving! So tired. Just ate one apple strudel doughnut, courtesy of DC. Not too bad. 5pm already!

I told Zhu Zhu that CC is getting married soon. He seems a bit shock, well, I was too. He asked if I want to get married now and I told him honestly that he weren’t ready yet. Financially, he’s not stable. Neither am I. How to get married?

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