Gastric Problem

I went toilet twice in the morning and my stomach feels really uncomfortable. Not sure if its menses cramps or gastric problem but its painful. Really painful. So I took MC and stayed at home. I spent the whole day training Zelphx and Gerioth. Luckily, the time wasn’t wasted. Zelphx went from level 189 to 197 and Gerioth from 108 to 120! Its really nice to be at home and doing nothing but I know I wasted the whole day. How? I need planning and follow it. But I’m so not disciplined. How? Doctor and mum both asked me not to eat spicy and oily food but I love them so much!

I was playing game at night still when my sister suddenly came into my room and asked me when I’m getting married? O.O”’ Then she continued with “3 years later?! So old already! Quick, I want a niece or nephew of my own. Make it a simple wedding.”… =.=”’ Am I dying to get married?

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