Spicy & Oily Food

I think I really have to give up these food… For my own health. What my mum said wasn’t wrong. Today… My stomach still feels a bit weird. In the morning, saw my MG standing there with another MG. Weirdly, Zelphx died. The gloves became useless, so the defence dropped but it still feels weird right? I mean, Gerioth is supposed to be the weaker one. Anyway, I’m back to work feeling damn lousy. Yes, its about money again. Why? Why is it always about money. I still owed $18,000 in total. When can I clear that? I need to earn more money, thats for sure… My bonus… Going to be used to clear my debts again. I’m so sick of it!

Irawan just stepped on my big toe! SO PAINFUL!! *CRY* And the accessories on the slipper broke… *CRY*…

I went home today. Zhu zhu needs to study so I went home for dinner instead… *Miss him* But… after I had my dinner and I logged into MU, I went to read up the notice, and there’s experience boost!! Erm… In the end, he never study again but we managed to sleep earlier. So not too bad.

He mentioned to me that all his friends told him secrets. He knows R like which girl. L… he tells everybody everything. F going out with J. C going Bangkok with her Polytechnic classmate (fishy). K likes his job but he didn’t want to join his colleagues for lunch. J going to quit his job. =.=”’

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