It Spells M.O.N.E.Y.

My salary is in today but… half of it are gone. Why? Bills and more bills… I’m heavily on debts =.=”’ Yes, I need to cut down on my spending and control it. But more importantly for now, I think I need MONEY. Yes, MONEY. Why? Ever since I graduated… Its all about money…

The experience boost was good… Hopefully we don’t get disconnected. Will be going home for dinner today. Mustn’t spend too much money.

Oh goodness… I just made a cup of tea and had wanted to drink but then IR called me to ask about cas-896… and now my tea… *YUCKS* ITS SO BITTER!

I left office around 7.45pm due to the cas-896, but managed to catch the last shuttle bus. ^^ Reached home and started training my elf again. We never disconnect!! But my mum was complaining already. Told me to switch off my computer but I never. Furthermore, I switched on both the notebook and my desktop! We were about to sleep when suddenly there’s this SM – Gabols came to KS us… *bloody hell* And he just leave it there to AFK. TMD!

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