My JC Friends

Damn… I woke up at 7am because Zelphx DC… =.=”’ Anyway, I never managed to sleep after that… Sigh… Yesterday was Ah Xin’s birthday. Really don’t understand the mum… Only the older generation will celebrate the Chinese birthday! Why does she have to make him become so China! And she’s so naggy! Terrible… Luckily my mum is so much better!!

Is it really that difficult to go out with him around? He’s nothing! I’m proud of my Zhu Zhu! I really don’t see any problem…

Yeah! Eventually Uncle Robert asked us to get a birthday cake for Ah Xin and Zhu Zhu came with me for the JC gathering! ^^ CC getting married next year in December. DL getting married on 27th June. Oh… So many people are getting married!!! Why am I not? *LOL*

P/S: CC looks a bit rounder… Can’t imagine…

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