Quarter Life Crisis

What’s up with my menses! Why is it always late! Sigh… I’m in the office already. Oh… Its Monday… Oh… I need to try and reduce 4kg for CT’s wedding. Oh yes, there’s something which I’ve been wondering for a long time. Why does lots of people, when crossing the gate to the MRT, need to tap and put their wallet there for a long time till they crossed over, with their arm stretched out and still tapping? I really don’t understand. Its not as if tapping for a long time will keep the gate open? *weird* Haven’t finished the tuition website. Will try to do up now.

Chatted with EY just now… Sigh… Am I really giving up on life? Letting myself drift and drift and drift? Aren’t I supposed to be in control? I really felt so depressed at times. How?

Just received an email from SL… Might need to work on the 8 November… which IS A HOLIDAY! Sigh… FK was still suggesting to go Mambo the day before… *CRY*

Ne… The more I talk to EY… The more I talk to NN… I felt like I’m just a small little girl in my own world… DREAMING… I felt like I’m so naive and hardly know anything at all… Am I really that useless? The more I stay in this company, the more I felt so stupid… Like I can’t do anything. Like I don’t have the knowledge in anything… Do I really need to leave?

Very funny. I had intended to go Bugis that area to look at all those Christmas decorations, then WZ accompanied me and he wanted to go NTUC to buy some food too. But in the end, both the shops were closed and the NTUC didn’t have what he wanted – cheese hotdog. We ended up going to Cold Storage and buy his things. Yes, we actually went so far to buy his milk, cheese hotdog and bread!

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