Permutation Of 0619

I don’t know why but somehow, I felt very close to this 4 numbers together. I always see them around. 9.16am, 6.19am, 19th of June… Hmm… Maybe there’s some secret inside… Let me try and talk to my inner self… *meditate*

Oh! I’m getting so fat! I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and YUCKS! Which fat girl is that in the mirror!!! *CRY* No more fried food. No more spicy food. As little carbohydrates as possible. No food after 8pm. Sleep early. Exercise everyday.

*CRRRRRRRRYYYYYY* I’m getting so fat! I kept saying that I’m going on diet, but in the end, just now for lunch, I ate fish and chips, plus a mashed potato! And extra salad too! And the worst thing, I finished almost all of it!!!!! *CRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYY* How? Thats it… I’m really getting fat again… *sob*

Oh… IR going to do the appraisal soon…

Zelphx is at level 298! I use Gerioth to help him. Last day of experience boost.

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