The Baby Bear & The Baby Lion

I found 2 baby beanies from TY! Very cute! One bear and one lion! But not sure where I can buy it… Hmm… Maybe later I’ll go and find. Next time our wedding car, in front will be these two babies cubs! So CUTE! Alright, I’ve got a lot of things I want to do today. Its been quite a long while since I actually followed any plan. I’ve been wasting a lot of money and time away… Terrible… Yes, so now I’ll try to re-adjust everything. Basically what I have on hand, work, new job, partnership, Japanese language, my MU Online, diet, debts and my hobbies. A lot right? But I’m sure I’ll make it right!

Hmm… I hardly do anything for today except planning. YB is busy so I only got LA to help me for a while then… I’m stuck. Anyway… Its Friday… So long never see Zhu Zhu…

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