Gold Medal!

I woke up at 6.30am and cleared my inventory. Then I went back to sleep again. I woke up at 7.00am, wanted to prepare to go WZ’s house but… I saw a gold medal. *Weird* I thought someone dropped it. But… after a while, saw more and more of the gold medal then I suddenly remembered! Nobody can drop the medal! Because once its dropped, it will be an item or zen! *LOL* I knew… at that point… Its the Gold Medal Weekend! I was so excited, I couldn’t control it so I called WZ up before I went out, took a cab to go to his house and I finally saw my Darling!

It was a bad day to study… We managed to leave the house at 1am. Studying in the library was bad. Too quiet. No tables. A while later and we left for KFC. Yes… I know I’m SUPPOSED to be on a diet BUT… that stupid WZ! Mentioned KFC to me… I’m trying so hard to curb my cravings and he mentioned that to me! Sigh…

We met K&G for dinner at this place along Kitchener Road at night, its a steamboat buffet. Yes, its a bit difficult to find. We reserved the place at 7pm but both of us and Leon reached around 7.20pm. K, J and C reached at 8.30pm. =.=”’ They got lost and couldn’t find a parking lot. We watched Stardust after that. Very nice!!! At least, I like it… Nova! Is the most powerful!

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