Made Me Cry, Yet Made Me Smile

Short tempered. Impatient. Will just raised his voice if anything suddenly annoyed him. And probably said words which… (I definitely don’t like). A bit lazy, never do household chores at all. Thats him. But other than that, he’s really nice to me. He really knows how to make me laugh. He’s really cute. He will apologize if he knows that he’s in the wrong. His temper dissolves really quickly. He cares a lot for me. And he really loves me, a lot.

Yes, he made me cried today. We were playing MU and then there was this event where you go and search for a few items. He told me to click here and there but… I was thinking of another way. (Lord knows I can get the kris at Lorencia). Anyway, he just raised his voice and said I’m stupid. Furious? Of course I am! Its not the first time that he said that to me. I was so mad and hurt till I cried after that when he tried to apologize. Well, he did try very hard to apologized… Sigh… PWZ… So irritating yet so cute… ^^

We… both never study for the whole day… *OOPs*

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