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I’m still at home, its 7.41am. I didn’t want to wake up WZ yet so I’m here at home, waiting, writing my blog, till 8am, before I’ll give him a call and then leave for work. Its drizzling again. Today is the eve of Deepavali. IR went back to Indonesia because his wife’s grandfather passed away, 85 years old. He won’t be back till next Monday. No government. Meanwhile, I’ve got a few things to clear up that will keep me occupied. The MU P2P ended yesterday, SHARP. They kicked us out and thats it. One month of P2P, what have we gotten? From level 200+ to 300, from level 1 to 200+. And of course… jewels… and zens. It wasn’t too bad but now back to F2P, it seems weird. The experience and the items dropped were reduced by 3 times. =.=”’ But the damage seems to be the same. My dream? I’m not too sure if its happening now… Things kept on changing and so do I. For now… I just want to go and shit. *LOL*

My menses is here! *PHEW* Talking to NN about salary and courses now. I really felt like taking the MCPD or MCTS now… But… wondering if the company has any budget for that at the moment. Anyway, NN read in a forum about a guy who changed 3 jobs over the past 3 years and is now earning $63,000 a year. How much am I earning now? $48,750. Oh… that is pathetic… I haven’t minus away the CPF yet… たくさんお金がほしいです!!

Trying to rush out the instant bet thing. Might be a bit difficult today. Spent the whole morning talking to NN and planning things, then after lunch, discussed about the prizes for the D&D. And now then I really started doing work. But its already 5.18pm! BUT, its alright, later I’m going to meet my Darling! I’m so happy! ^^

Wanted to go Orchard to recee for the D&D door gifts… But in the end… By the time we reached Kinokuniya, the announcement came out… “Dear customers, thank you for shopping in Kinokuniya. We will be closing in ten minutes. Thank you.” =.=”’

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