Shopping For Tent

Wow! We AFK at Kalima 4 yesterday night and I got 1 bless and 1 soul! So we decided to AFK for the whole day! Now waiting to see if I manage to get my MG wings. 30 bless… How many have I gotten now… Hmm… 14? Probably I should just buy those bless that cost $45 million and below…

Met up with CC & QQ for lunch just now at Vivo City Sushi Tei. You know something? QQ got a girlfriend!!! Shit him! Never say last time… Just now still say no girlfriend or what, then suddenly said he got… =.=”’ But good for him, else I think he’s too lonely. CC will get ROM-ing on the 5th of January 2008. Wedding ring 0.3 carats. Holding at M Hotel. Bridal Studio most likely at Di Gio. Package $3,888 which consist of 3 MTM gowns, actual day 4 gowns, 40 photos, 2 best man and 2 sisters dress, and including the ROM dress and make up. Not too bad.

In the end… I never manage to finish the things that I wanted to. Why? Because there’s this problem and they kept bugging me to solve it! Stayed till 7.30pm before passing it to YF and he helped me to finish it. ^^ Didn’t buy a tent either. Its a bit too expensive and… I don’t like those slot in ones. I preferred what my sister bought, those clipped on. Its a lot easier! Mum and godmum bought the chairs though.

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